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Sport runs through his veins. Luca began his career at age 7, when he played in the youth categories of Fiorentina, the team of the city. He was a professional player of some of the biggest teams in Italy for several years. Luca is currently a scout of the Fiore and loves discovering new Italian football talents.

He considers himself a movie buff and a culture lover. Like a good Italian, he has a weakness for fashion, especially when it comes to the shoes of the nearby town Borgo de San Lorenzo, an entire temple of footwear. Another of his soft spots are the leather jackets and vintage clothing; it is San Lorenzo Market the ideal place to shop these kind of items.

Luca loves the frenetic rhythm of the city of Florence when breathing the fresh air in the early morning sun.

Every Sunday Luca grabs his Vespa and meets with his friends to follow the ritual of aperitivi, one of the most authentic Italian customs. Accompanied by a mojito, he loves to taste Tuscany’s culinary delights.

His friends could be Valentino Rossi, Monica Bellucci, Fabio Cannavaro or Riccardo Scarmacio.

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